Honorary President:
Marcello Foti

“Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano” gives full voice to that cinema that stubbornly pursues the dream of conveying the fantasies, memories and cultures of peoples while respecting the most precious asset we have: the Earth.

Artistic Director/Founder:
Paolo Santamaria

Passionate about cinema since forever, I graduated in Directing and Filmmaking at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography – National School of Cinema. Being a good Abruzzese (by birth and by choice), I am lucky enough to have been raised and to live closely with Nature, our first and only home. I trust in humanity, culture and in the innate love towards every form of life.

President of the Jury:
Nicola Nocella

Rooted like an olive tree, silhouetted like an olive tree, productive like an olive tree: there is no tree that can better represent my path and my state of mind as well as my state of mind. Without fear of having to cut the branches that have borne fruit, if for the good of the tree. Actor, author and human being, Coratino like one of the most important monocultivars in the world, actor and author with roots in the earth and branches towards the sky.

Silvia Cardarelli

Founder and manager of the regional interest Environmental Education Centre “L’albero delle storie”. I prefer since forever an emotional and artistic approach to the knowledge of the environmental problems e to the organization of projects and labs about Education to sustainability. I strongly believe that no men will save what he doesn’t love!

Rosalia Ciciotti

“I am myself and my circumstances, and if I do not rescue my circumstances, I do not rescue myself”. This quote by Josè Ortega y Gasset has always inspired me. I am a biologist and in my life I have decided to communicate the environmental and the nature in all its forms mainly through artistic expression, one of the most effective way by far.

Rossella Frozza 

I like learning, deepening and sharing a path of growth, in the belief that the responsibility of change is in our hands only. Passionate since forever about body movement and expression, in the last years I rediscovered the importance of the connection with nature to improve the well-being and being in harmony with everything that surrond us.

Antonella “Chiccolò” Bambagini Oliva 

The respect for our beloved Earth, which kindly hosts us, is the leitmotiv of my life. I dream about planning new and concrete ways for the protection and the respect of nature and evnironmental.

Paola Morga

I have co-founded Ambecò, driven by the awareness that to protect our Earth, we need a cultural revolution and that women are the driving force of change. I am an architect, a project manager and I am curious to learn and to discuss with others. I take care of public relations for Ambecò.

Project Manager:
Maria De Angelis

I chose to design. The environmental community is the vision that guides me. I try to translate it in a daily creative, conscious and responsable action.

Festival Coordinator and Film programmer:
Valentina Traini

Abruzzese by birth, after a series of international volunteer experiences in the environmental field I came to the Experimental Center of Cinematography to deepen my passion for reportage. After graduating, the desire not to abandon my homeland led me to the decision to stay, working in various sectors, to try to promote and enhance the incredible heritage of our region.

Talk Coordinator:
Alessio De Stefano

I deal with web design, I like to make researches on our Region and deepen its history. I have a soft spot for Iris Marsica.

P.R and institutional relations:
Chiara Santamaria

Lover of nature, passionate about architecture, I have tried to combine these propensities of mine by becoming an expert in wooden constructions. I strongly believe in the concept of circular economy: designing to be able to regenerate.

Project Manager:

Silvia Iarussi

Architect on paper, creative by vocation. I live between the eternal art of Rome and the majestic mountains of Abruzzo. This dual dimension of my life, suspended between the works of human ingenuity and the wonders of nature, is the inexhaustible source of my work and my passion.

Project Manager:

Cecilia Fasciani

Born in Abruzzo, I am an author in the field of cinema and audiovisual journalism. In my investigative works I have often dealt with environmental issues.

Marco Camilli

I am a graduated filmmaker from National School of Cinema – Experimental Center of Cinemaography. I think that filming nature is a beautiful thing, but it will never be as fulfilling as enjoying it live through all senses.

Graphic Designer:
Annamaria Sabatini

I’m from Abruzzo and I have a three-year degree in Graphic Design. I am passionate about pop culture and I am a big advocate of gender and green issues. I think it is crucial for us designers to try to create a conscious and virtuous intersection between art, cinema and the environment.

Gianpaolo Calabrese

I draw since I can remember. At kindergarden I won a contest representing “mom tree” along with her little kid. Art and nature have always been a constant in my life.

Selector and Podcast Manager:

Mariadiletta Coco

I am a Neapolitan screenwriter and director; I seek the natural dimension and attention to social and gender issues, working so that they fall within the established imaginary order.

Media Manager:
Antonio Cafiero

Neapolitan by birth, I graduated in Modern Literature and I deepened my studies at the Holden School. Passionate about stories and human beings, I see the environment as one with our existence, dedicating myself to exploring the deep connections between people and nature through my creative work.

Make-up Artist and Organizational Management:
Angelica Quaglia

Make-up artist and special effects artist, I love cinema and every artistic expression, including that of nature. I travel a lot, for pleasure and necessity, but as a loyal Abruzzese I always return home with a smile in my heart.

Press office:
Emanuela Bruschi

Cinema has been with me all my life, through it I have cried, laughed and traveled to the most remote places in the world. I believe in the power of communication and my goal is to raise public awareness of important issues such as the environment, through audiovisual products.

Luca Eleuteri

Graduated in Art Graphics and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in L’Aquila. I love getting lost in nature, in its landscapes with the company of my most trusted companion, the tripod. Immortalizing the nature in my shots is a privilege I aspire to always pay tribute.


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