THE Project

The project “Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano” was born from the needs to promote a critical reflection on themes referred to waste management and sustainable development, through the readiness of movie language.

Mixing art and environmental education means to re-think the way to involve society in the resource sustenance of the planet, our first home.

The artistic metaphor is thought as a huge instrument to understand that the relationship with our Earth can be enhanced every single day. The movie world is meant to promote a dialogue on integration, social inclusion and hospitality. While the use of “CULTURE” to prevent and oppose social disadvantage is a well-known truth established by a broad range of literature.

“Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano” consists of a series of events thought to wake up the consciousness of people living in deserted and isolated zones, to create a shared goal to reach together. Environmental education is a means to contribute to the growth of the active citizen, aware and responsible from both a scientific-cultural and ethical-legal point of view. A Film Festival is held in 5 days with the alternance of a contest for short and feature environment themed movies and a night kermesse with five international films about eco-sustainability screened.

We want to give people close to us in space but distant in culture, cognitive and emotional means which will help them to demolish those semi-transparent barriers that divide them. Environment as the link among cultures, ages and different social status to teach everybody to know how to live beyond their own house limits, together.

When the relationship between society and environment is uncertain, social relationships are weak. To fill the gap, we want to create an emotional and creative involvement aimed at engaging and empowering citizens, of all ages and origins, to love their Earth.

Paolo Santamaria Art Director

Initiative realized with the contribution and the patronage of the Italian Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual Ministry of Culture (MIC)




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