President of the Jury:
Nicola Nocella

Rooted like an olive tree, staked like an olive tree, productive like an olive tree: there is no tree that can better represent my path and my state of mind as well as my state of soul. Without fear of having to cut the branches that have borne fruit, if for the good of the tree. Actor, author and human being, coratino as one of the most important monocultivar in the world, actor and author with roots in the earth and branches towards the sky.

Laura Petruccelli

I work as Production Inspector and Location Manager for companies such as Fandango, Palomar, Pepito Produzioni, Cattleya, Think Cattleya, Publispei; without ever neglecting the younger Italian production realities, thanks to which I had the opportunity to make my debut as Production Manager.

Edoardo Jageregger

Passionate about cinema, history and nature excursions. He managed the Piccolomini castle in Ortucchio for years, actively engaging in the revaluation of the cultural and environmental heritage of his land.

Lorenzo Manfreda

Passionate about CGI and animation since I was a child, thanks to the wonderful Disney movies. I crowned my dream working for TV and film products within CGI and animation. The love for our beloved Earth was triggered by my grandpa Angelo, a humble farmer able to transmit to the little me the deep respect for Mother Nature.

Greta Rossi

I was born and live in Milan, I am made to walk and, step by step, I reached the top of the Gran Sasso. After graduating in cinema and art at Dams in Bologna, I graduated from the Experimental Center of Cinematography in L’Aquila, addressing audiovisual reportage, where I made several documentaries and audio-documentaries.

Luigi Cuomo

Having been born in an area surrounded by mountains, I have been in contact with nature from an early age. Sleeping under the stars or walking on untrodden paths has always given me wonderful sensations and allowed me to get to know my fellow travelers in a more authentic way. I graduated from the National School of Cinema – Experimental Center of Cinematography and, when I can, I go in search of stories to tell in which man and nature live together in a positive and serene way.

Gabriele Nardis

I am an Abruzzese d.o.p., of protected origin, born, raised and fed on the mountain pastures of this magnificent region where Nature is not outside of us, but permeates us: we are ourselves, a whole. I work as a screenwriter, director and producer, and I am convinced that cinema can contribute to raising awareness about environmental issues. A piece of advice, if you pass by here, enjoy a glass of genziana liquor and contemplate his majesty: the Gran Sasso.

Isabella Nardis 

“The best time to plant a tree is today.” Today is the time to respect, protect and be a part of nature. I love travelling, I love nature, I love Abruzzo that every time I look at it, I discover it, it amazes me. I am a photographer, author and film producer. Co-founder of the film production company Nardis Production.

Jacopo Brucculeri

Creative since childhood, I found my dimension in cinema. I got a diploma in Documentary Directing at the Experimental Centre in L’Aquila and a master at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión of Cuba. Thanks to this experience I developed a greater sensitivity to environmental issues and to the animal world. I believe that the human being, today more than ever, is called to make an incredible effort: to preserve and protect the world that hosts him.

Daniele Suraci

I have found in cinema the right medium (at least for me) to tell what fascinates me the most, stories of men and lands. As a good Calabrese who lives by the sea, the environment and the majestic beauty that characterizes it, has always bewitched me, it is our only great home, after all.

Anna Chiara Sabatino

Passionate about documentary cinema, I have made a profession out of it, which I carry out, between didactics and audiovisual production, with the love with which, as a child, I played in my grandparents’ olive groves, learning, from the oil I helped to produce, that Nature is humanity, kindness, respect for life in all its forms. Because Nature is all around, Nature is all of us.

Valerio Burli

I have always been passionate about Cinema and Music, I obtained my diploma in Directing at the National School of Cinema – Experimental Centre of Cinematography. Growing up between the Castelli Romani lakes and forests and the Maremma sea, I developed a genuine environmentalism since childhood. I firmly believe that only through culture we can regain a balance between progress and respect for nature.

Luca Antonetti

Nature always manages to give you that sense of peace and liberation from any negative influence that we carry inside. When I turn on the camera, I feel connected to it like a son returning to his newfound mother’s lap. I’m from Abruzzo, director, teacher and filmmaker. Each of my work has a piece of Nature inside, like a puzzle that expertly reassembled, leads us back to the source.

Martina Luiso

Like love, nature is extremely delicate and intrinsically strong, so much that it must be protected and respected at the same time. I am convinced that sharing the love for nature can lead to the harmonious coexistence of creatures in the world. I’m from Puglia, I studied photography, Sociology and I’m currently studying Anthropology and Languages of the image, with the intent to intertwine social research with photography and filmmaking.

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