Laurenzo Massoni, director of Le Grand Vert

Also in this edition we ad the pleasure of hosting several participants, such as Laurenzo, a French director in love with Italy who absolutely wanted to be present at the Italian premiere of his short film.


Are you enjoying the festival?

I’m having a great time, everyone is very kind, I like the location a lot too. 

I saw very good films and was thrilled when I saw the screening of mine, as it was the premiere.


Speaking about your film, have you ever climbed a tree?

Before shooting my shirt film, yes, I had climbed some trees, but never as big as the one we shot on. We went up with pros of course, and I think I stayed up there for a couple of days. It was a great experience, if the opportunity should happen to you, do not hesitate. It is difficult to explain but it is a feeling of extreme tranquility, with the greenery that surrounds you, the wind that cradles you and sends you back to when your mom did too. Almost hypnotic.


What is the meaning you gave to the woman’s climb to get to the top of the tree?

When we wrote this short film, we decided not to give a specific message to it. We wanted to leave full freedom of interpretation to anyone who watched it. If I have to tell you my personal interpretation, it means dying and living again, being reborn somehow. The woman is desperate at the beginning of her problems. She is not living, she doesn’t know what to do with his life, everything is falling apart and the only thing he has to do is change his life and by climbing that tree he is doing that, but to do it he needs to let the itsel old, and it’s the only way to reborn.


Is this your first time in Italy?

No, I’ve been here several times, about seven, I think. I am from Corsica and I studied Italian there. I have visited the most important cities. I love this country and I would like to live there. I feel at home here. The thing that impressed me is that Abruzzo landscapes are very similar to Corsica.


In your opinion, what is the importance of a festival like this?

Well, I have a great admiration for people who want and manage to organize a festival. It takes a lot of energy and at the beginning it is difficult. Bringing a cultural event like this means involving more types of people, both those who work there and those who enjoy it. This is an important fight, making known a cinema that is usually off the commercial circuit like Netflix or Amazon is though, but we must continue to fight


How do you interpret the relationship between cinema and the environment?

Unfortunately, cinema is one of the industries that pollute the most. The relationship between environment and cinema is complicated, in my opinion. Everything that revolves around the cinema, from production to screenings, harms the environment. When you stream a movie, you consume a lot of carbon, as do guests who fly to big festivals. Fortunately there is much more to it than that. Several eco-sustainable standards are emerging to be adopted on film sets that give me hope. Cinema could be the most important way to talk to people about the environment. It serves to speak to them, to speak directly to their emotions. 


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