Intrecci Etici, an opportunity for dialogue

Continuing with our interviews, we had the pleasure of having with us Lorenzo Malavolta and Lucia Mauri, directors of “Intrecci Etici – La rivoluzione della moda sostenibile in Italia”, the film is in competition as best feature film in the section “No Planet B” and tells how in Italy a revolution is underway to make the fashion industry more ethical and sustainable, leading viewers to reflect on the fact that it is consumers who have the power to change things through their everyday choices. We met the two filmmakers who told us about their experience during the festival.

How did you feel about Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano experience?
Lorenzo: The experience of Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano 2021 was very nice because it allowed us to show our never-seen-before film and that’s something special, since it had been a long time since we had the chance to have a confrontation with people. It was also nice to have a dialogue with the audience after the screening.

Lucia: I think the same thing. In my opinion, some very interesting discussions came up, and that’s what a film festival is for: to create a discussion and think together about issues such as the environment.

What is the most interesting question you received?

Lorenzo: I have to say that the most beautiful thing we found was the fact that young people had a positive feedback from watching the documentary, it was a little bit what we wanted to happen by making a documentary like “Intrecci Etici”. So the fact that we had such positive feedback after the screening, leaving people inspired with a message of hope, is a very good thing for us. It means that we have reached our goal.

Lucia: Yes, Lorenzo said it all. What I think was understood by the audience is that indeed sustainable fashion is possible. I remember a guy who said that he did his graduation thesis on sustainable fashion and that there was some information missing when he did his research, information that he later found in our documentary. It was nice to see feedback even from someone who is so interested in the topic and enjoyed our documentary.

In your opinion, what can be the strenght of a festival like this?

Lucia: In my opinion, the strenght of a festival of this kind is precisely the moment of exchange, as I said before. This exchange of opinions, of thoughts between the filmmakers and the audience, is the link that is missing, because when people watch a documentary from home, even in streaming, they watch it but the vision ends there, instead with a film festival there is a moment of final discussion. In my opinion this is the core of everything.

Lorenzo: And in my opinion also the fact of being able to create an event within a town like Avezzano that can create culture, arouse interest, reflections and begin to positively influence a young audience. Therefore, being able to educate or make young people think about a more sustainable future, more respectful of the environment.

Cinema and environment. What do you think is the relationship between these two worlds?

Lucia: In my opinion, the relationship between the world of cinema and the world of the environment is fundamental. The cinema, as I see it, as we see it, is really a way to spread a message and what I think is important is to be able to spread not only problematic messages but also positive ones, that make people think about their actual impact on the environment and on society and that therefore lead them to improve themselves. So, in my opinion, they are two really connected worlds.

Lorenzo: For us, the video is always a means to convey a message, when we undertook the desire to deepen the theme of sustainable fashion what we wanted to do was to simplify, convey messages, give information, but also inspire, in the sense of being able to really create a path of storytelling but also an emotional one, to be able to really get to people with clear concepts, related to the choices that one can make but also leave people inspired to really do something in their own small way.

We are very happy to have had Lorenzo and Lucia as guests of this edition of Cinema and Environment Avezzano 2021, thanks to them it was possible to have a wonderful discussion and awareness on environmental issues that has pleasantly involved the audience, leading us all to reflect on the choices we can make every day, individually, to help safeguard our planet. We sincerely hope that there will be future occasions to visit us and present new works on the environmental theme, which is increasingly felt.


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