The Ocean Cleanup took off

Finally, the project of the no-profit Dutch organization The Ocean Cleanup has taken off to mark an historic moment in the fight against environmental pollution: the goal is to eliminate the Pacific Trash Vortex, also known as the Great Garbage Slick of the Pacific (Great Pacific Garbage Patch), the result of over 60 years of accumulation of garbage (plastic in particular) which is placed in the Pacific Ocean.  It is a news of these last days that the project of the young Dutch inventor Boyan Slat is having some problems, as the system only holds “for a relatively short time” the floating plastic that, instead, it should have accumulated and collected.
The Ocean Cleanup engineers and scientists are studying the corrections that can be made to System 001 (as the cleaning device is called) in order to solve the problems encountered. Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano wholeheartedly supports the project, one of the few active and effective actions to solve this serious problem, and wishes all the people involved in it to be able to overcome the difficulties and make System 001 a fundamental tool for the well-being and future of our oceans and our entire planet.


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